southern-wedding-1This post is the culmination of more than 100 weddings and years of experience as a photographer. I now know, there is much more to wedding photography than the act of taking pictures. Forming genuine relationships with my couples and guiding them with tips and tricks during the planning stage is the real key to a fluid wedding day and timeless imagery. I want you to have the wedding photos of your dreams, so it is my utmost priority to work closely with you and your wedding planner.


If you are drawn to my photography, your style will most likely fall under the following adjectives: timeless, natural, authentic, elegant, editorial, romantic, organic, classic, or clean. These adjectives reflect my vision as an artist! So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the trends and having a hard time pinpointing your wedding style, try searching some of these words on Pinterest or on some of my favorite wedding blogs:, or! I hate to use the word, “theme,” but in my experience, consistent color palette, textures, and style will look the most timeless in photos and be the least distracting from the true focus of your wedding day!

I am here to help; I can give as much or as little advice as you need about style, recommended vendors, or timelines. Reach out at any time!

A timeline is the lifeline of a wedding! Click HERE for examples of timelines that leave plenty of room for photography. Here is a quick example of a 5:00pm ceremony with a sunset at 8:30pm and photography coverage from 1:30-9:30pm:

(1) 1:30-3:00 detail shots/bridal portraits/bridal prep,
(2) 3:00-3:45 first look and bride and groom portraits,
(3) 3:45-4:30 bridal party portraits/family portraits,
(4) 4:30-5:00 bride in hiding,
(5) 5:00-5:30 ceremony,
(6) 5:45-6:15 family portraits (or head straight to cocktail hour),
(7) 6:15-7:00 mingle with guests at cocktail hour/photographer shoot reception details,
(8) 7:00 reception intros/dances/dinner/cake,
(9) 8:00-8:15 sneak away for sunset portraits,
(10) 9:30 staged exit.
(*remember to include travel time)

The details of your wedding are important elements of your wedding story. I normally allow 1-1.5 hours for detail and getting ready shots, which could all occur when you are getting your hair and makeup done. I will then photograph you getting into your dress before a “first look” portrait session, if you decide to have one. Here is a suggested list of details that should be in one place and ready for photos: dress, shoes, veil, all jewelry, engagement ring and both wedding bands, clean copy of your invitations (click HERE for examples), bridesmaid dresses, flowers, boutonnieres, and other sentimental items.

Make sure there is natural light where you plan to get ready! Hotel lamp light is not as naturally soft and beautiful. It is also very important to keep a cleared area next to a window (the bigger the better), so you have a photogenic spot to put on your dress and take a few bridal portraits. The less clutter around the window(s), the better!

I love to capture the beauty and timelessness of a finished reception space by photographing it before guests arrive. These editorial style photos are absolutely gorgeous in a wedding album and are required to have your wedding considered for publication. Time must be set aside for this.

The bride’s bouquet makes an appearance in many wedding photos so it should contribute to the story of a wedding and reflect the style, colors, and feel of the day.

Albums are the best way to bring your wedding to life and preserve your memories in a tangible form. I would be happy to show you some sample albums, beautifully crafted by RedTree Albums!

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In the spring of 2010 I took a film photography course as the last elective for my degree. Little did I know that this class would have such a strong impact on my life! I took my 35mm camera wherever I went that year and discovered that I really enjoyed shooting portraits of people and really hated developing my own film.

A couple months later I graduated from college, married a Naval Aviator, and moved to Annapolis, Maryland where I would start our life adventure! Joe noticed my new found love for photography so he bought me my first digital camera as a wedding gift. It was a shiny new Nikon D90 with a 50mm lens…and I had no idea how to use it! I made it a goal to teach myself digital photography that year. I read various photography books and studied photography intensely! It was a fascinating new hobby for me and I became obsessed!

In January 2011, Joe and I were stationed in Pensacola, FL. I continued to study photography as a hobby and do photo shoots here and there as I completed a Master’s degree in Counseling. I decided to start a two year photo course through the New York Institute for Photography later that year and study professional retouching on the side.

By 2013, I finished my photo courses and Master’s degree and welcomed my son, Logan, to the world. I realized visual storytelling was my true calling, so I officially launched my business in Virginia in July of 2014!

Here are the first years of my photo journey!


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